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Image of ruler on painting panel measuring the golden ratio.

Golden Ratio Calculator For Realistic Paintings


Use This Math Formula: The Width Of Your Canvas / 1.618 = The Golden Ratio

How Can The Golden Ratio Be Used In Art

The golden ratio can be used to lay out your art composition. Use the golden number as the optimal placement of the focal point according to the golden ratio theory.

Plan Your Painting Composition With This Simple Canvas Ratio Calculator

Use this golden ratio formula to find the golden ratio. Use the golden ratio or golden mean to position the focal point of your painting for aesthetic balance or pleasing art composition.

Once you've measured the width of your canvas and have the divine proportion from the golden ratio formula above, measure that distance from one side of your canvas. Draw a line dividing the width of your canvas into a 1 to 1.618 ratio. See the image above as an example.

A ratio of 1 : 1.618 is referred to as the Golden Ratio. One side of the line represents 1. The area on the other side of the line should 1.618% larger than the opposite side.

Repeat this process. Make a second line the same distance from the other side.

Using the golden number from the height of your canvas, make a line dividing the height of your canvas into a 1 to 1.618 ratio. Repeat, making 2 lines equally distant from the top and bottom of the canvas.

All 4 lines should intersect.

Consider placing the focal point of your composition near one of these intersections. This will place your focal point at the divine section of your painting.

What is so special about the gold ratio?

The golden ratio is found almost everywhere in nature. Therefore, our brains easily recognize this familiar pattern making it easily associated with beauty. Similar to the thirds rule, this ratio helps plan the focal point of an artwork.


Using the gold section to lay out your art composition is an easy way to use the golden ratio in art. The number phi in mathematics is sometimes referred to as the golden ratio. This golden number is 1.618 and is represented by the Greek letter phi. The history of the gold number is related to the Fibonacci sequence. In art, it is sometimes referred to as the divine proportion. Use the ideal ratio as a guide when planning your art composition. Place your focal point within the golden section for an interesting and pleasing art composition.

Author: Sonia Reeder-Jones