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3 Ways To Make Oil Paint Dry Faster

  1. Use Heat
  2. Add Linseed Oil Or Painting Medium
  3. Paint In Thin Layers

3 Easy Ways To Get An Oil Painting To Dry Faster

Using Heat To Make Oil Paint Dry Faster

Heat is my favorite way to make oil paint dry faster. While additives can be mixed with oil paint to make it dry faster, heat is a natural and almost always available alternative.

When you paint on a dry summer day, paint left uncovered on your pallet may dry overnight, making it unusable the next day.

When painting in the dead of winter, uncovered paint may stay wet for almost a week.

Temperature affects how quickly oil paint dries.

If you want a painting to dry faster, move it to the warmest room of your house or studio. Place it in direct sunlight if possible.

Does Oil Paint Dry Faster In The Sun?

A warm sunlit location can help your oil painting dry quicker. Oil paint tends to dry faster in a warm, dry environment.

Use Linseed Oil or Painting Medium To Make Oil Paint Dry Faster

Painting medium can be an oil paint drying additive. Many types of mediums are available, each with different properties.

Some mediums have slow drying time while others are designed to speed up the drying time of oil paints. Carefully read about each oil-based paint-drying accelerator before using it in a painting. There are many oil paint dryers available. Consider using an oil paint quick-dry medium or a fast-dry oil paint medium.

If you want your painting to dry faster, consider adding a few drops of linseed oil to your paint.

You can use a small amount of linseed oil instead of a painting medium.

If you opt for a painting medium, choose one with the desired drying properties. Some painting mediums are slow-drying. Other painting mediums are formulated to speed up the drying time of oil paint. Read the labels and choose accordingly.

Oil Paint Slow Drying

Oil paint is a slow drying medium. It's best to plan accordingly. Don't try to rush it. Paint far ahead of deadlines to be sure the painting will be dry to the touch. Oil paints do not dry quickly.

What Is The Dry Time For Oil Based Paint?

Oil paint drying speed is dependent on a variety of factors such as room temperature, humidity, painting medium or oil used, the paint color, paint thickness, and so on.

How To Make Oil Paint Dry Faster

Can you make oil paint dry faster? Yes, you can make oil paint dry faster by carefully considering oil paint additives like oil paint driers, using minimal amounts of paint medium, painting in thin layers, and painting in a warm environment.

Paint In Thin Layers To Make Oil Paint Dry Faster

Paint in thin layers if you want your oil painting to dry faster. Thick paint takes longer to dry. Painting in thin layers of oil paint can help your painting dry faster.

Does Oil Paint Dry Fast?

Oil paint is a slow drying medium. Oil paint dries slower than watercolor or acrylic. The slow drying property of oil paint makes it possible to blend and create effects that are difficult to near impossible with other mediums.

How To Make Oil Paint Dry Slower:

If you'd like to slow the drying of your oil paint, add a few drops of poppyseed oil, oil of cloves, or spike lavender oil to your paint as you mix it on your pallet. Poppyseed oil is said to be one of the slowest drying oils and linseed is one of the fastest.

Does Oil Paint Dry Faster In The Sun?

Simply placing your painting in a warm, dry environment can speed up the drying time. Consider placing your painting in front of a window, in direct sunlight.

If you want to use an additive, you might try painting with linseed oil rather than a painting medium. Always keep oil and painting medium to a minimum. Too much medium or oil can make oil paint dry and tacky.

Will Tacky Oil-Based Paint Eventually Dry?

Tacky oil-based paint will usually dry. However, it depends on what caused the oil paint to become tacky in the first place. Adding too much painting medium or oil may cause the painting to dry tacky. Add only as much as necessary.

Can Oil Paint Dry Faster With Hair Dryer?

While oil paint may dry faster with a hair dryer, excessive heat can cause paint defects like bubbling and cracking.

Why My Oil Paint Won't Dry?

If your oil paint won't dry, too much painting medium or oil has likely been added to the paint. Humidity may also affect paint drying time. Moving the painting into direct sunlight in a warm room may reduce the time it takes to dry. Have patience because oil paint often dries slowly.

Does Oil Paint Dry Shiny?

Oil paint typically dries with a glossy finish. The shine depends largely on the type of oil painting medium and the color pigments in the paint. Colors made from earth pigments are more likely to dry with a matte finish. Earth colors often cause matte areas. Sometimes, oil from the upper layer can be absorbed by the paint layer below, leading to matte areas on the painting's surface, known as sinking. A painting medium is optional. Paint will often dry to a dull finish without it. "Oiling out" a painting between layers and a final coat of varnish can restore shine to a painting.

Finally, applying thin layers of paint will accelerate the drying process for each layer. Hopefully, these tips will help you quicken the drying time of your oil paint.


Can you make oil paint dry quicker? The right methods can make oil paint dry quicker. We've discussed 3 easy ways to make your oil paintings dry faster.

My favorite method to make oil paint dry faster is to use heat. It's safe and natural and doesn't alter the qualities of your paint as mediums might.

Consider using sunlight to help an oil painting dry quicker.

Author: Sonia Reeder-Jones